Monday, February 26, 2007

war in iran

i needed a little update on the politics & von hardenberg let me know the latest.

2/20/07 8:22 PM shit
2/20/07 8:22 PM wtf
2/20/07 8:22 PM a guy falls asleep and WW3 starts
2/20/07 8:22 PM
2/20/07 8:23 PM hey
2/20/07 8:23 PM should i drop out and focus on being a writer?
2/20/07 8:24 PM or should i just go ahead and TAKE midterms tomorrow?
2/20/07 8:24 PM
2/20/07 8:38 PM
2/20/07 8:38 PM we havent officially attacked yet
2/20/07 8:39 PM we're lobbing cruise missiles into iran and we have special forces attempting to provoke abadinejad
2/20/07 8:39 PM shit like that
2/20/07 8:39 PM supporting "rebels"
2/20/07 8:39 PM we moved a bunch of older warships into the region in case we are able to provoke them into sinking one or more of them
2/20/07 8:40 PM zbigniew brzezinski has come out publicly and warned congress that there will be a fake terror attack, blamed on iran
2/20/07 8:40 PM there is a falling out among the oligarchs, with the neocons going balls out for war
2/20/07 8:41 PM
2/20/07 8:41 PM theres some material on it there
2/20/07 8:41 PM ralph shoenman and mya shone
2/20/07 8:43 PM
2/20/07 8:43 PM COINTELPRO 2007: Pacifica Radio & the CIA, Part One – Talk Show Host Larry Bensky Welcomes a Peoples' Temple Death Squad Leader to the Airwaves By Alex Constantine