Sunday, February 13, 2005

The United States of Denial

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Both Quantum Physics and the Ancient Vedas tell us that we exist in a multiverse, each plane of which is projected. Saint Ramprasad says the projections come out of the mind of Kali, which at least is as good an answer as we find in Quantum Physics.

The 3 dimensional time/space continuum which presents this message is but 1 universe among the myriad. Ancient sages suggest that the net effect any of us can have on it is trivial. It has a lot to do with the Oriental attitude of acceptance of the way things are. However, it seems that Celtic Kharma has been different, providing us with what they say is just a more convincing illusion of progress.

Thus the delusion of the United states of Denial. History, the Bible, and archeology are repleat with examples of the fall of great cultures into chaos and anarchy. So just as the prophets warned of destruction, so we see today scientific and economic experts warn us. And if History is any example at all, we know the warnings will not by and large be heeded. Read the rants on USENET.

The Net Effect is that the vast majority of them are fucking crazy. The Net Effect of election campaign messages shows that the vast majority of the electorate is fucking stupid. The Net Effect of the Net Effects is that the democratic process is not going to arrive at rational solutions. There is 1 thing to say about the leadership: it has been lucky.

The accidental and deliberate contamination of developing neural networks in the minds of children thru their food, air, and water, which has been going on for decades, and thus exacerbated the innate degree of insanity, has begun to be identified. But it is way to late to change the way the majority votes. However, danger always includes opportunity.

Machiavelli says that republics always elect candidates who promise more than can be economically sustained. And that since the poor dont have the money, and the rich will not allow taxes to be levied against them, the governments borrow the money. Which works until a creditor chickens out. This is not a state secret. You can download his work off the net, and no doubt there are many in political life who have read, and understand what he says. However, the policy makers who know this are in a state of Denial.

So the proper response of the rational is not to try to change the system, but to setup a more rational system run only by the rational. And we can do that on the Net. And we can design an alternative net that can continue to function whether the conventional system continues to function or not. and sell that capability to those who are aware of the risks.

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