Sunday, May 29, 2005

Librarian stands up to FBI

an interesting practical story about the patriot act and the expansion of governmental powers. if you think this is "liberal whining", read what "jews for firearms" have to say about. i would imagine respectable conervatives could be against the invasive nature of the patriot act.

here's why the fuss: a person somewhat inclined to be a terrorist himself is most often the most useful agent in defending against terrorism. it's like former hackers who broke into govt. computers for the joy of it will become the best security experts. in the borderland between criminal and police, between transgressor and justice, all sorts of things can happen. that said there's no reason to keep a book about bin laden from people even potential terrorists. principle: guard the freedom of exchange of ideas over interdicting free ideas because they might be dangerous. in the long run, global society will be more stable. black and white thinkers: i'm not saying we should give away detailed layperson tutorials on how to make nuclear weapons. that would not be smart.

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