Monday, November 21, 2005


By Friedrich von Hardenberg

"One always hates to be shaken, because it involves getting unstuck from the comfortable rut where one has been for too lonog. But it's always, ultimately, a good thing, because it reactivates you; it makes you live again. To be unshaken is to die while living. When one is on one's death bed, one does not remember the years spent living in a comfortable rut. One remembers the times of being shaken."
- Grekmann the Wise

This is why I can't stand peacniks. It's because they are all a bunch of hypocritical liars. I guess I have some sort of thing about hypocritical liars.

Peaceniks are like a bunch of cows in a herd. EVERYBODY has to be on EXACTLY THE SAME vibe. As soon as there is the slightest discordance, the instant someone expresses any uniqueness whatsoever, EVERYBODY tweaks. The whole herd gets that spooked out look in its eye, but instead of bolting like cows do, they hypocritically attack the unique individual.

Now, in order to attack the unique individual, they have to be passive aggressive. Otherwise they would have to admit they are attacking. Since they don't "believe" in attacking, they can't view themselves as the attackers. So what do they do? They attack, passive aggressively, accusing the Unique One of being the attacker, attacking him, with all the self righteous "indignation" they can squeeze out of their passionless bodies.

Here is an example. This ugly peacenik bitch wouldnt shut up about her lying, cheating scumbag of a husband. Everyone kept telling her to get him to talk about his feelings and inadequacies, to "spend quality time with her family" and to be mutually supportive and stupid bullshit like that. This is what she expected to hear. She expected everyone to feed into her attention seeking behavior, reinforcing her behavior of never shutting up about what a stupid, ugly, undesirable twat she was.

So what did I do? Contrary to what people might think, I don't go around looking for trouble. Ask grekmann. He just told me I hate it when all this catharsis starts busting out all over the place, even though it's a good thing. No, 90% of the time I'm going out of my way to be as tame as motherfucking possible.

But in this case, I just got sick of listening to this stupid twat bitch repeatedly about the same shit over a series of several fucking months. Finally, I couldn't take it anymore, and I offered some advice.

"Look bitch," I told her. "The truth is, you don't want to be happy. All you want is something to bitch about. Even if your dumbass liar of a husband wasn't retarded, you'd find something to bitch about. I have an idea, why don't you either do something to make your life better or shut the fuck up?"

So I went into the whole list of things she could do to make herself more attractive to her husband so he wouldnt fuck her sister or her friends who were less ugly than she was. Stop being a fat pig, bitch. Wear makeup. Shave once in awhile, for christ's sake. Shut the fuck up once in awhile. Give him a fucking unearned blowjob once in awhile and kick him some threesomes.

Well, apparently these bovine bitches think that her troglodyte husband was banging her sister, because it afforded him the opportunity to have long, drawn out conversations about his inadequecies. They acted like I was the one who was talking some sort of fucked up shit. Fuck those stupid twats.

Then you have the recent flap over the photo I sent in to the pagan group. Apparently it jolted someone with a discordant vibe. Now, they are all settling back into their vegetative state, agreeing with each other about everything (mainly that, somehow, I was the one creating a disturbance, and that, at somepoint, I was the one "engaging in personal attacks") and everything is going back to socially casual.

I feel like I'm back in Sunday School, or NEW Lutheran High. At least those lying bitches fucked with passion, not self righteous depravity. Not to mention that they shave, wear makeup, and shit like that. Hell, I might as well be in church.

So, guess what, peaceniks. I'm sick of that bullshit. Yes, I am a bad person inside, a dirty rotten scoundrel, an unscupulous rascal and a rapscallion. But at least I'm not a lying hypocrite. And at least I'm not a fucking vegetable.



jt said...

Hilarious post, man!

You had me rolling.

Keep up the good work.

Vera said...

Pumpkin, it's late for long comments.

You seem to enjoy the stupid bullshit of others. If you wouldn't enjoy it, you simply wouldn't write about it.

The bullshit fascinates you, their narrow world makes you feel uncommon, makes you have a reason to live and write about.

But look up to the blue generalization.

Who am I? Just a poor material identity who now writes about your identity.

In return, you write about my identity.

We exchange words, but never identities. Each of us is convinced of it.

Our identities don't concur. But they don't exclude each other either.

For one is the Universe, the blue of its unknown...


p0rn st0rm said...

yeah dude ... keep putting that shit up. i haven't had muh time nor do my posts have as much stamina. haha. but they will. you'll see. i can go for longer.