Wednesday, January 17, 2007

ethical realism

by day brown

may be a new trend in politics and culture. Underlying it, is the tacit agreement that there are fundamental flaws in the system of values and/or those who must manifest them. There is an overt call for more moral action. But *whose* morals?

Shakespeare has Caesar say:"You will have to forgive the man Mercutio; he is a barbarian who thinks the customs of his tribe are the laws of Nature." But what *are* the laws of Nature? We have history, archaeology, anthropology, sociology, etc that all try to tell us what one group or other, at one time or other, thot those laws were. Part of the problem however, is that the very people giving us these reports have been themselves, bound by the customs of developed cultures, which were, in turn, evolutions of the very barbarism Shakespeare refers to.

The results have been a lotta spin put on the data. After 100 years of anthropology, only recently have researchers actually taken the sacred psychedelic potions shamen have been providing all these years, and thereby gotten a missing handle on where the tribal head is at, as well as some understanding of the psycho-phobia that their own academic traditions have suffered from ever since Bishops began burning witches for providing similar potions.

One of the effects of the hippie use of these same potions was a skeptical view of the claims of scripture, for which Christian control of the legal process demanded repression just as the Christian Bishops had begun doing nearly 1500 years ago. And archaeology has revealed the *original* sources of scripture in the Dead Sea Scrolls, the Nag Hammadi, The Egyptian Book of the Dead, Mithraic & Zoroastrian texts, and the earliest of all, Gilgamesh.

And yet, despite the obvious plagiarism, the claims that one Levantine text or other was divinely inspired goes so largely unchallenged that most voters dont even know the challenges exist. Which does reveal one of the Laws of Nature: if you tell men something that will pander to their egos, they will believe it, no matter how asinine.

Another law of Nature is that not only will men deceive themselves, they will try to deceive others. We have the video of Chimps in the jungle. We see how a chimp will steal food, hide it, and then try to deceive others about where it went. Nobody claims the chimps who do this grew up deprived in a ghetto. No, baby, this is hardwired in Chimp *and Hominid DNA*.

But contrary to what scripture says, not all Chimps & Hominids are like that. Not all men are such sinners that they need divine forgiveness. No, the primate field studies, which give us the term "alpha male" show us that it is *they* who organize the goon squads to go out into other territories, find a foraging couple, murder him and any progeny she may have, kidnap her, and gang rape her until she is pregnant again. But what do have, are the records, written by the scribes at the behest of alpha male warriors to craft a cosmology and a history that panders to their egotistical instincts. Which another Law of Nature says scribes will do.

The field studies show us the bloodwork from darted primates that show us that alphaism is handed down on the Y chromosome. The alphas expect their sons to be just like them, and a Law of Nature is, that they are mostly right in that. Video also shows us that it is the alphas who commit all the rape, 'domestic abuse', and warfare. And we can see cosmologies that have been crafted to offer redemption to the alphas. Furthermore, the DNA shows us that it is the daughters of the alphas who are the abusive and incompetent mothers. And now we understand why there are any betas left in the gene pool: it is their daughters who provide the love the young need. And it is the betas, both male & female, who adopt the abused and abandoned young.

And since we are talking about DNA here, another Ethically Realistic fact is that the ratio of alphas to betas in various gene pools varies, which has an enormous effect on development, or the lack thereof. Cultures which have high ratios of alphas use draconian methods to control the violence. We see abundant examples of this in history. But it is the cultures with high ratios of betas that are able to setup higher degrees of cooperation that have resulted in the military industrial complex that has been so effective against cultures that had a more warlike spirit, but lacked the innovation betas provide. Another Law of Nature is, that as the percentage of alphas increases, so does the problem of too many chiefs, but not enough Indians. They cannot cooperate, build consensus, or compromise; they tend to prefer dualistic scripture with simple good/evil choices since they lack the intuitive powers to handle ambiguity.

Certain Eastern traditions, that once had more betas, produced Vedic & Buddhist scripture that appealed more to the nuanced sensibilities of betas. Who, unfortunately, have entered monasteries for millennia, taking themselves out of the gene pools. The remaining jackasses have viewed women as no more than the ground to sow seed in, and have similarly sent off their more troublesome, smarter girls to nunneries, and used the stupid bitches to bear their sons. Then, in more recent times, advanced cultures have sent people in to help with development, and when they saw a talented girl, sent her off to some Western University to be educated. The smart girls never returned. The Law of Nature, which hands down intelligence more on the mtDNA has had the iterative, compound, effects we see, with the jackasses getting more stupid with every generation.

Thus we can see that the exquisite art and architecture done by their forefathers in early times was created by a much smarter class of men. But there are other problems in the developed cultures that again derive out of the DNA, genetically determined levels of various brain hormones like adrenalin, serotonin, dopamine... and the psychological effect they have, which is in turn driven by 150 or so neurotransmitters that are used in laying down new neural pathways in the mind during learning. And these neurotransmitters are often affected by environmental contaminants. Whatever else they are, pesticides used on food are neurotoxins. And while there is no immediate observable effect, which gave rise to the idea that they were harmless, they do interact, even at extremely low, homeopathic levels with the above neurotransmitters.

The result is an epidemic of autism, ADD, ADHD, and a quarterly increase in the pathology journals every quarter of more acronyms. The Law of Nature, that there aint no free lunch seems somewhat applicable; the easy way to grow food aint the healthy way.

But the upshot of all this, psychology, sociology, archaeology, anthropology, & chemistry, is that the Nature of Man is far more varied than any of the scriptures or other forms of received authority have claimed. The notion of Universal Laws of Nature needs to be stripped of these false assumptions, and more accurate rules, which can deal with the psychopathology, such as using meds rather than prison, would have better results.

But one more Law of Nature is, that the powers that now be have investment in these falsities, and may with their inflexibility, their convictions, fail to adapt to reality as seen so often in history, and lead to a total collapse of the entire power structure. It is certainly not upta us. We can study ancient value systems, like the pagan
Stoics, and consider them in light of the primate field studies, the DNA, and psychological experiments on group think or obedience such as were carried out by Milgram and Zimbardo... and gain a clearer eye to our own past and our own DNA endowments and challenges.

That will enable us to see the masses for what they are, more able to see when, and which direction they will move, not be swept up in disastrous mob action, but able to stand aside to let it all go by. All this may come to pass, but it wont come to stay. I dont advocate revolution; but we live in the Untied States of Denial of fundamental economic realities, like a 8.6 trillion dollar debt, that if there is a global intervention that wakes people up, they will be angry.

The Roman Stoic Epictetus noted that when someone proved him in error, he was grateful to no longer be thinking wrongly. But, he went on to say, that when he performed the service for another, he always went away angry. One of the most important Laws of Nature is that mass anger is dangerous shit... often caused by errors in Ethical Realism.

With results we see

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