Monday, March 07, 2005

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Friedrich von Hardenberg wrote:

>i love the section on 'the jews and their stooges.' LOL

I dunno what section that is. Neitzsche dont cut the Jews any slack, and recognizes the bad effect, not of the Jew, but of the Christian cosmology derived from scripture of the Jews. The Jew is not the problem; the Christian is. The Buddhist cultures never had a Jewish problem.

The Genealogy of Morals, chap VII:"It was the Jew, who, with frightening consistency, dare to invert the aristocratic value equations good/noble/powerful/beautiful/happy, favored-of-the-Gods and maintain, with the furious hatred of the underprivileged and impotent, that "only the poor, the powerless, are good; only the suffering, sick, and ugly, truly blessed. But you noble and mighty ones of the earth will be, to all eternity, the evil, the cruel, the avaricious, the godless, cursed and damned! .. We know who has fallen heir to this Jewish inversion of values.... That it was the Jews who started the slave revolt with two millennia of history behind it, which we have lost sight of today simply because it has triumphed so completely."

Its not the fault of the Jews if Aryans are stupid enough to take up their cosmology. The Buddhists werent, and dont have the problem. And today, we see Jews running much of the transnat culture, as part of the blessed Market Elite, to which they are rapidly being joined by the Chinese, who in SE Asia are getting the same kind of asinine attitude as anti-Semites show us. It is the natural attitude of the truly powerless. True Aryans are not powerless, and those who sharpen their wits and educate themselves about the way the world works, dont have a problem with the Jews.

Chap XXVI:"I have no patience with mummers who try to mimic life, with worn-out, used up people who swathe themselves in wisdom so as to appear "objective", with histrionic agitators who wear magic hoods on their straw heads, with ambitious artists who try to pass for ascetics and priests yet are, at bottom, only tragic bufoons. And I am equally out of patience with those newest speculators in idealism called anti-Semites, who parade as Christian-Aryan worthies and try to stir up all the asinine elements of the nation by that cheapest of propaganda tricks, a moral attitude."

Neitzsche saw Hitler and the Nazis coming in 1887. I think he wrote the work aware, by then, of how readers failed to grasp what he was going on about in Zarathustra. The Jews are a side show put in the center ring just as scapegoats have always been sought by leaders lacking in character. The Genealogy of Morals is also a testament to the lack of scholarship among the liberal opponents of fascism that the Nazis could claim Neitzsche as a founding father, and the Liberals never caught them at it. Nor have they yet, to this day, done the same as you see here with the Neo-Nazis.

The Kharmapath of the true Aryans has nothing to do with Semites. In The Birth of Tragedy, Neitzsche goes into the best documented example he has of indigenous Native European religion, Dionysianism. He notes that whereas the Levantine religion is based on works of literature that claim literal truth, Dionysianism was based on works of theater showing us allegorical truth. A lotta guys, aspiring to leadership, like Bush, just dont get it. Levantine scripture is a far more useful repress our innate wisdom rather than, as he instinctively understood, reveal it to us in mysterious ritual.

In chapter III, he asks "himself what magic potion these heady people must have drunk in order to behold, in whatever direction they looked, Helen laughing back at them, the beguiling image of their own existence."

Archeology has revealed it to us. Mycologist RG Wasson, "The Road to Eleusis" looks at the reconstructed frescoes at Eleusis and realizes that the Hellenes used ergot grown on Barley. Which has copious amounts of lysergic acid. The Greeks were acid heads. Which is why they knew that the Levantine scriptures were bullschitt.

Wasson also traveled up into Scythian and Parthian lands and traditions, and even located Ugarit Shamen in the boondocks of the Urals, who were still using *Soma*, the famous potion of the Aryans. It was made of Amanita Muscaria; it is legal. mix the shrooms with animal fat, and it wont be poisonous. You can buy it on online. I'm trying to grow some now that the weather is warmer.

Archaeologists have also gone back into the Slavic museums with modern forensic tools and microscopes looking at the pollen and plant residue of ancient witches' pots. Like indigenous tribes all over the world, the witches had a lot of heady potions. And like them, truth did not come from a book claiming literal truth, but from a direct experience in the trance state with Helen, or whatever your name for Goddess is.

And when an Aryan has received this truth, he dont care about the Jews.

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