Thursday, March 03, 2005

jakob dylan on originality

"You once said that, as a songwriter and musician, studying your craft should come before any concerns about being 'original.'

People who are original are dropped in from outer space. They're not the people trying to be innovators -- I've always thought that was a fruitless effort. I'm a fan of tradition. Steve Earle is doing his best work now, but no one's calling him original.

You know, you have to be skeptical of records you buy these days because of the technology being used to make them. There's so much pressure being put on the 'tween' market, I guess they call it. Today it's really easy to get by not knowing what you're doing: If you're an actress and you want to make a record, you can put one out. For those people who were so disappointed that they'd bought Milli Vanilli's record because they didn't sing on it, at least those were actual human voices they were listening to."

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