Sunday, November 20, 2005


By Friedrich von Hardenberg

What's up with Pagans? When this shit first really started getting rolling with Paganism it pissed me off. When I said Paganism, I was always referring to the Ancient Greeks, a culture of people who had balls and weren't a bunch of hypocritical liars.
Greek culture was based upon the Greek Agon, the contest of wills between equally matched opponents. It was based upon the idea of excellence. Like Sisyphus pushing his rock up the hill, we all voluntarily want to make ourselves grow stronger. It feels good.
But now, when people say "Paganism," what do they mean? They mean WICCA, which is a total bullshit religion promoted by university professors. As an authentic Superfreak of the Lineage of Cain, this disgusts me.
What disgusts me even more are the experiences I have with these so-called "Pagans." Most recently, I Posted a photograph to an ostensibly Pagan email group, which was met with extreme horror and disdain, as a result of its feartured titty.
This is my experience with "Paganism" in a microcosm. Pagans are all a bunch of dumbass liars who might as well go to the dumbass Presbyterian church down the road.
They're even afraid of nudity these days.
Let's examine this photo, which can also be seen here. It is an artistic expression of my subjective experience with the Pagan group to which I sent it. It signifies greatness, and the aesthetic power of women, encompassed by nature.
Here we see two powerful, beautiful women, on a mountaintop, as if hallowed by Gaia herself; one of them has fired an arrow, and the other seems to have caught it. This brings to mind the Zen ritual in which one catches the arrow fired at one, and I viewed it as an oblique reference to the Amazons of the real Pagan culture, back in the ancient mediterranean.
We see the wind in their hair, and their bodies exposed, unashamed, and illuminated by the sun, the most holy of orbs. They stand unafraid, looking off into the distance, as if engoddened. They embody the full sublimity and dynamism of womanhood. Hand in hand, they represent the mystical bond of all women, and by extension, the promotion of that very matriarchal world-view ostensibly espoused by these so-called "Pagans."
But what do these shrivelled up old fucking crones see? NUDITY! GOD fucking forbid, right? "Our children might see that!"
Well, go fuck yourselves, hypocritical liars. Go ahead and shield your children from all beauty if you want. Go ahead and condemn the free personal expression of others. Flee nature in terror. But you needn't leave your neighborhood Presbyterian church to do so. I tried to go along with your halfwitted stupidass bullshit religion, but you make it impossible.
In short, take your dry, shrivelled up twats and go fuck yourselves.


Anonymous said...

Dude, there are Pagan idiots just like there are Christian idiots and Jewish idiots and Muslim idiots. You happened across some of the Pagan ones. I didn't look at the linked picture (work computer), but I'm quite sure there are many, many Pagans who think female breasts are just fine.

NERDMANN said...

thanks for the comment dude. i agree, tits are cool.

Anonymous said...

yah, prude pagan is some kind of oxymoron. or just moronic or something.