Monday, December 26, 2005

Did Melville Borrow the Idea for 'Moby Dick'?

paul collins finds story browsing old books on eBay

Weekend Edition - Saturday, December 24, 2005 Literary historian Paul Collins found an odd ad in a rare first edition of Moby Dick author Herman Melville's 1849 novel Redburn. The ad was for another novel -- The Whale and His Captors -- by Rev. Henry Cheever. Collins and Scott Simon discuss the once-common practice of 'improving upon' another author's work.

yes, i only read books with some stealing. if none is done, i'm not going to believe it.

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elgrekkko said...

Melville stole it from me. It was one of my lesser ideas, not quite good enough to make into a work that I'd stamp my name onto.