Wednesday, January 18, 2006

christopher elgrekkko cadden's Blogorama

he calls these recent posts "the best shit he has written in years." his words from his mouth. in the pornstorm, who can tell if he's breaking from modesty or touts everything like this. but, hey, even you think you alone are the highest arbiter of taste.

and you are, and so, read up on this thing like i'm going to do now. he hails from the mindvox clan and the blogorama looks pretty down to earth . . .

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elgrekkko said...

when you haven't written shit in about two years, writing the word "yes" on a piece of paper becomes the best thing you've written. get off my case and go score some vicodin for me. later. the OP's at my old job are all over reading this shit, btw. it's rather interesting how they're now hanging out online, waiting me to dish up the dirt on their 'lil eatery.